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UK Government-backed finance, insurance and guarantees to help you export

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We Recommend
Bond Insurance Policy

Cover against demands for payment under a bond or counter-guarantee.

Buyer Credit Facility

Guarantee for purchases over £30 million.

Direct Lending Facility

Direct loans of up to £200 million to buy from the UK.

Standard Buyer Loan Guarantee

Guarantee for purchases between £1 million and £30 million.

Bills and Notes Guarantee

Guarantees payments due under bills of exchange, or promissory notes.

Clean Growth Direct Lending Facility

Up to £2 billion allocated for direct lending to overseas buyers in support of clean growth projects.

Export Insurance Policy

Provides cover for up to 95% of the contract’s value.

Overseas Investment Insurance

Cover against losses on your overseas investments.

Advice for overseas buyers

Based in markets around the world, our experts in structured and export finance help make projects happen.

General Export Facility

Access trade finance facilities up to £25 million to grow your exports – without need of an export contract.

Export Development Guarantee

Increase your exporting activities with high value facilities over £25 million that are not tied to an export contract.

Advice for UK exporters

Our Export finance managers are based in all regions of the UK. They’re ready to help you fulfil your export potential.

Bond Support Scheme

Increase your bank’s appetite to provide working capital with our guarantee for contract bonds.

Export Working Capital Scheme

Take on more and bigger orders with working capital to manage your cash flow.

Alternatively, our team is happy to help you with any further questions

Finance and insurance for UK exporters

When it comes to exporting, having a great product or service is only half the story. Putting the right finance and insurance in place can make the difference, helping you to win contracts, fulfil orders and get paid.

UK Export Finance is the UK government’s export credit agency. We support exports for any size company and across all industries, from capital goods to services and intangibles like intellectual property. Our mission is to advance prosperity by ensuring no viable UK export fails for lack of finance or insurance, doing that sustainably and at no net cost to the taxpayer.

Success stories

Train at station

Boosting sustainable transport exports

A £1.7 billion loan guarantee will help UK suppliers win contracts to build a high-speed electric railway.

A group of builders assessing progress at a construction site

Unlocking opportunities for a vital trading hub in Ghana

BHC Ltd won a contract as the structural steel provider to Ghana’s Kumasi Central Market.

Propelling fish processing exports into new markets

Eight-figure funding package helps Scottish fish processing business reach new customers.