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Bills and Notes Guarantee

Guarantee to cover bills of exchange or promissory notes.

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How it works

You receive payment from an overseas buyer, in the form of a bill or promissory note. You will have received them in payment for capital goods, services and/or intangibles supplied to an overseas buyer for contracts in the range of £1 million to £30 million.

Your bank then purchases the bill or notes from you at a discount. Your buyer makes payment under the bill or promissory note to the bank at a future date.

We can provide a guarantee to the bank that your buyer will pay the amount due under the bill or note, allowing you to be paid as soon as the goods have shipped or services have been performed. Your buyer benefits from extended payment terms based on the long-dated maturity of the underlying bills of exchange or promissory notes.

How to apply

Complete our contact form to discuss an application.