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Finance for international buyers

Attractive financing to buy from UK suppliers.

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Through our product range, we can support international buyers in both the public and commercial sectors. We offer flexible finance, loans and insurance to support international projects, providing buyers commit to purchasing from the UK. You can read more about our UK purchasing requirements on our GOV.UK site.

Our financing can help ensure that purchasing UK goods and services comes with competitive terms, and provides you with attractive long-term financing.


Flexible financing for your projects

  • Through our Buyer Credit Facility, we provide a guarantee to a bank making a loan to an international buyer, so that goods or services can be bought – from both UK and international suppliers. We can support loans in more than 60 local currencies.
  • The Standard Buyer Loan Guarantee provides a guarantee to a bank making a loan to an international buyer, generally for contracts in the range of £1 million and £30 million. The Buyer Credit Facility is more suitable for higher value transactions.
  • Our Direct Lending Facility provides loans from UK Export Finance directly to you, the international buyer, so that you can buy from UK and international suppliers to complete your project. Up to £2 billion has been allocated to clean growth projects.
  • If you pay your suppliers in bills or promissory notes, the Bills and Notes Guarantee covers payments that are purchased by a financial institution from your supplier – meaning you benefit from extended payment terms and your supplier is paid sooner.

The Buyer Credit and Direct Lending products can be combined for certain transactions.

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