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Working capital

Get extra cash via trade finance facilities so you can take on more or larger orders with confidence.

Export activities can put pressure on the working capital needs of your business – you may want to take on a higher value contract than usual or your buyer may require a bond that needs cash collateral.

Through our working capital schemes, we can provide a guarantee to your lender to increase their appetite to provide you with trade finance facilities, including loans. This will give you the cash you need to fulfil your export orders.

Unlock the cash you need to export

Our working capital solutions can help you access the cash you need to export in a range of circumstances.

These schemes do not need to be tied to a specific export contract, but can be used to invest in export activities:

  • The General Export Facility is our most popular product. Through this scheme, we provide a guarantee to your lender so that you can access trade finance facilities up to £25 million, which you can use for activities related to exporting.
  • The Export Development Guarantee can be used for working capital needs over £25 million. Our guarantee to your lender can help you access loan facilities, which can be used to pay staffing costs, invest in research and development or bid for higher value contracts. It can be used by companies who are not yet exporting from the UK but intend to start.

These schemes must be tied to specific export contracts:

  • Through the Export Working Capital Scheme, we provide a guarantee to your lender to support working capital facilities linked to specific contracts, increasing the bank’s appetite to provide the finance to you.
  • When you win an export contract, you may need to provide a contract bond to your buyer. In order to issue the bond, your bank may require collateral from you – typically a cash deposit. Through the Bond Support Scheme, our guarantee to your bank means they can release the cash collateral back to you.
  • The Supply Chain Discount Guarantee allows you to pay your suppliers faster. Our guarantee to your bank helps you access a supply chain facility, so that your suppliers can draw on it for approved invoices, and you repay the bank at the end of the agreed credit period.