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International buyers

UK Government-backed finance to buy from the UK supply chain.

A man and woman having a discussion on a construction site.

The UK is a trusted business partner to buyers and investors around the world, with expertise in sectors ranging from manufacturing and construction to services and technology.

UK Export Finance can support sovereign buyers and international businesses with finance, loans and insurance to deliver their projects, provided they buy from the UK supply chain. We have a range of flexible support on offer – whether that means lending to you directly, supporting Sharia-compliant finance, re-financing on the capital markets or traditional export credits.

Get a loan to buy UK goods and services

We have a product range specifically created for international buyers who want to source UK suppliers to work on their projects. Projects can range from the construction of an offshore windfarm to building a high-speed railway. Through our Direct Lending Facility we can make a loan for up to £200 million, on the condition that UK suppliers are contracted to be part of the project. Our repayment terms range from less than 2 years to up to 15 years, and even up to 22 years for certain projects that have a positive impact on climate change.

Find UK suppliers

Our supplier fair programme brings UK suppliers to you: you outline the suppliers you need to complete your project and we organise an event bringing together your business and a vetted list of UK suppliers to suit your requirements. You have the chance to present your projects, meet one-to-one with UK businesses and take forward discussions around procurement.

Tap into our global network

We have a global network of Country Heads based in countries around the world who are your first port of call to discuss how you can buy from the UK and access our buyer finance offer. They are experts in their local markets and qualified practitioners of structured and export finance, so they can help you find the right financing solution for your project.