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Large businesses

Innovative solutions for large businesses.

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UK Export Finance can provide innovative solutions to help large businesses secure the financing to scale up their facilities and invest in product development.

Loan guarantees to invest in exporting

Accessing the working capital to support your growth can be a challenge – you may have big expenses like building a new factory or developing your product line to support your exports.

Through the Export Development Guarantee we provide a guarantee to your lender to unlock business loan facilities over £25 million. These facilities don’t need to be tied to a specific export contract.

These loans can be used to support research and development to increase your exports in the future or allow you to bid for higher value contracts.

The Export Development Guarantee can also support inward investment, helping more companies choose the UK as their exporting base. Through a loan guarantee from UK Export Finance, both UK and international businesses can access the working capital they need to build their premises in the UK – creating jobs and bolstering the UK supply chain.


Supporting the supply chain

A Supply Chain Discount Guarantee can help your business access Supply Chain Finance facilities provided by a lender. This means that as your supplier delivers its goods or services to you, their invoices can be paid by your lender from the facility – so you can offer longer payment terms, and greater stability to your supply chain. This helps your suppliers access cash quickly, providing greater liquidity for both you and them.


Finance for international buyers

Our Buyer Finance support allows you to offer extended repayment terms to your international buyers while being paid as or when the export contract is delivered. Our products can support contracts of £1 million and up through our government guarantee on loans to your buyers.

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Supply Chain Discount Guarantee
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