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Export insurance

Protect your business from the risk of not getting paid.

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Export insurance protects your business against the risk of not getting paid by your international buyer. An export insurance policy can give you the confidence to trade internationally, knowing your business is protected against certain potential losses.

How export insurance works

Our policies can help protect your cashflow, bonds and overseas investments. In some instances, the private market may be unable to offer cover – for example, for exports to certain high-risk countries or for small value exports. In these cases, UK Export Finance may be able to provide cover, so please get in touch to tell us about your export plans.

Manage trade risks

We offer three insurance products to help manage the risks of international trade:

  • The Export Insurance Policy provides cover for up to 95% of potential losses due to particular events – including buyer insolvency or failure to pay you for goods or services delivered. There is no minimum or maximum value for an Export Insurance Policy.
  • A Bond Insurance Policy provides protection against demands for payment under a bond or counter-guarantee, with cover for up to 100% of the contract’s value. It can protect you against losses incurred by unfair calls on the bond, or fair calls on the bond caused by certain political events.
  • Overseas Investment Insurance protects UK investors against losses on overseas investments – including the purchase of shares or direct investment. Up to 90% cover can be provided against loss due to certain political events.
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Overseas Investment Insurance