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Bond Insurance Policy

Bond insurance to export with confidence.

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How it works

For some export contracts, your bank may need to issue a bond to an overseas buyer on your behalf. Or your bank may issue a counter-guarantee to a bank in your buyer’s country.

The Bond Insurance Policy can protect you from demands for payment in specific situations, including some political events. We can consider cover for all types of bonds connected to export contracts. We can provide cover for up to 100% of the contract’s value, helping you to export with confidence.


The transaction must satisfy UKEF’s eligibility criteria, which includes, among others, the requirements that:

  • the exporter must be carrying on business in the UK
  • the buyer must be in a country outside the UK
  • the bond must not be given for contract payments that are aid-funded by the UK government

How to apply

Complete our contact form to discuss an application.