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Buyer Credit Facility

Guarantee to help overseas buyers procure from UK companies.

Workers on a construction site

How it works

When completing a large project, such as building a wind farm or upgrading a hospital, a project sponsor may want to source goods or services from the UK.

We can provide a guarantee to a bank making a loan to an overseas buyer, with the provision that they source at least 20% of the contract’s content from the UK. The loan is typically repaid over a period of two years or longer and they buyer can borrow at fixed or floating rates of interest.

We can consider support for corporate, sovereign and public buyers on a range of structures including:

  • limited recourse project finance
  • Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)
  • Islamic finance (sukuk)
  • lines of credit
  • local currency financing – we can provide loans in over 60 local

For projects in excess of £50 million, the Buyer Credit Facility can also be combined with the Direct Lending Facility.

For contracts below £5 million, the Standard Buyer Loan Guarantee may be more suitable.

How to apply

Complete our contact form to discuss an application.

Success stories

Buyer credit for offshore wind project

We provided a Buyer Credit Guarantee to support an offshore wind project in Taiwan that used UK suppliers.