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Products and services

Our products and services can make the difference to UK exporters and their international buyers.

Our products cover a range of export finance needs – from guarantees to help you access working capital, to insurance that ensures you get paid, to attractive financing for your international buyers.

Access our most popular products

General Export FacilityA man and woman walking through a machinery room.

Our guarantee to your bank can help you access trade finance facilities worth up to £25 million to grow your exports.

Export Insurance PolicyA woman and man walking and talking in an industrial office building

We can provide cover for up to 95% of your contract’s value under certain circumstances.

Bond Support SchemeA man and woman speaking in front of a tractor

Increase your bank’s appetite to provide guarantees against contract bonds, reducing the need to tie up cash as security.

Working capital solutions

Increasing your cashflow can help your business fulfil export orders, take on more international contracts and increase turnover.

  • General Export Facility: access trade finance facilities up to £25 million, not related to an individual export contract – fulfil multiple export contracts, pay for labour costs and build inventory to boost your exports.
  • Export Development Guarantee: access finance for high value facilities, not related to an individual export contract – bid for multiple contracts, invest in product development, and build export capability.
  • Export Working Capital Scheme: provides a partial guarantee to your bank in support of working capital facilities linked to specific export contracts.
  • Bond Support Scheme: provides a partial guarantee to your bank in support of contract bonds, increasing your bank’s appetite to provide finance.
  • Supply Chain Discount Guarantee: support companies in your supply chain by allowing them to discount their invoices and get paid earlier.

Export insurance solutions

Our insurance policies can help manage risks when exporting your goods or services, even when your business cannot get cover from the private sector.

  • Export Insurance Policy: insurance against the risk of not being paid for an export contract, or of not being able to recover the costs of performing that contract because of certain events.
  • Overseas Investment Insurance: provides cover for your overseas investments against losses due to political events.
  • Bond Insurance Policy: insurance against demands for payment under a bond or a counter-guarantee to an overseas buyer that is unfair or caused by certain political events.

Buyer finance solutions

Our financing can help international buyers purchase UK goods and services for their projects.

  • Buyer Credit Facility: provides a guarantee to a bank making a loan to an overseas buyer so that they can purchase goods, services or intangibles sourced from the UK. Loans can be for a period of two years or longer in more than 60 currencies.
  • Standard Buyer Loan Guarantee: covers a loan to an overseas buyer to finance the purchase of capital goods, services or intangibles from a UK supplier generally in the range of £1 million to £30 million.
  • Direct Lending Facility: provides a direct loan from UK Export Finance to an overseas buyer to support the purchase of goods, services or intangibles from the UK. Loans can be made for up to £200 million, for a period of two years or longer.
  • Bills and Notes Guarantee: a guarantee to cover payments due under bills of exchange or promissory notes purchased from you by a financial institution.
Country CoverWorld map with tech background

Find out about cover policies and indicators for countries and territories that we cover.

Local Currency FinancingNotes of various world currencies

Get guarantees for buyer credit loans to international buyers in over 60 local currencies.

Premium Indicator ToolModern skyline with skyscrapers

Use our premium indicator tool to see an indicative premium rate for medium or long-term transactions.